It’s All About Timing

Monday we got Tivo. Tuesday we got snowed in.

As other geeks before us have said – Tivo is frigging cool. We can watch Perry Mason and Law and Order when we want, stop it to get more coffee, and rewind it when one of us talks over crucial testimony. We did have to convince Tivo we’re not six years old – recording Speed Racer and Rocky and Bullwinkle gave it the wrong idea about us. And, most importantly, we could use the famous stop live television feature to make sure we didn’t miss a single moment of the wall-to-wall storm coverage.

For yes, indeed, we have been in the midst of WINTER STORM BLAST EVENT 2004!!!! In other words, we got over six inches of snow, for which our fair city is ill prepared. The airport closed, my company closed, and the news teams had a field day. We became the neighborhood internet cafe, for those needing to check in with work, spare electrical outlets, for neighbors who lost power, and last minute guests for a cocktail party a neighbor had to cancel. We’re selfless.

Pix of our little snow covered world.

Author: Nadya Boone

Nadya makes cocktails, writes, and knows random useless things. She would say she named the Unibrain, except that by definition the Unibrain named itself.