Kitty Hospice

My constant helper and yes you need a mallet

Kato has tumor in his tongue. All we can do now is try to make sure he keeps eating and keep him comfortable. This morning I gave him the last of the morphine. I called the vet to get more and the receptionist said that they’d have a refill for us in a few days. “Is there anyway I can get that before the weekend?” I said, suddenly panicking. “We’ll see if we can get it tomorrow,” she replied.I suddenly felt like Shirley MacLaine in Terms of Endearment yelling at the hospital staff, “My daughter is in pain, can’t you understand that! GIVE MY DAUGHTER THE SHOT!”

Author: Nadya Boone

Nadya makes cocktails, writes, and knows random useless things. She would say she named the Unibrain, except that by definition the Unibrain named itself.