London Day 1: I arrive and start walking

I landed in the morning and by the grace of God, my hotel had my room ready at 10 am. After a shower and change, I headed out to walk. It was a pretty, mostly sunny day. I wanted to see Christmas windows, so I picked a few targets (Fortnum and Mason and Liberty) and headed out. At Fortnum and Mason I grabbed a hot Scotch egg and then heading down a side street towards Liberty I saw a noodle shop and stopped in for some Chinese noodles.

  • Ever wonder what a barrister pays for their wig & gown?
  • Fortnum & Mason
  • Liberty
  • Sipsmith Gin for all your Christmas stocking needs
  • Ho Ho Soho!

The shop windows were fun and the stores were definitely bustling with Christmas shoppers. I was too overwhelmed to actually buy anything! I settled for getting a head start on my birthday with a birthday cupcake and a much needed espresso.


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