London Day 3: Jim arrives and we go to St. Paul’s Cathedral

I arrived from Delhi at around 7:30 in the morning.  A train and then cab to the hotel, and after 10 days a wonderful greeting from Nadya.

After a quick shower we went for a walk to St Paul’s cathedral. We got lucky and arrived just as the 90 minute tour started. This tour took you to places in the cathedral that you can’t otherwise go. One was a tower where Wren had planned to put out a telescope but the Dean of St Paul’s decided needed a staircase for access to the bells. Wren had to work out how to fit a staircase and came up with an elegant solution. Our docent let us take picture there, although they aren’t permitted elsewhere. (The current Dean got fed up with the lack of respect tourists were showing. “Selfies at the altar” may have been the last straw.)

After St Paul’s we walked to the Museum of London, stopping at a pub for the necessary refreshments. The Museum was a bit of a bust. I think fresh off our trip to Pompeii last year we were pretty well versed in Roman living. Jet lag started to hit and we skipped the disease exhibit, which looked interesting. I mean plague, cholera, smallpox – good stuff.

After a nap, we went to the closest possible restaurant for dinner and I got a much desired salad. After over a week in India I was sorely missing fresh vegetables.

Author: Jim Boone

Jim is the resident photographer and web dude. He enjoys driving, practical shooting, and the occasional shotgun game. He is classified as A in USPSA Open and is working hard to be a real A class shooter.