Zion – The Narrows

Day 2 – Get up early and walk in a river! Jim read about this trail and said “I’m doing it, with or without you.” I read up and decided I was in. The day before, we’d rented water boots, neoprene socks and walking sticks at the shop right next to our hotel. after a mile or so walk in on the Riverside trail you get to steps leading to the river and start in on The Narrows proper.

There’s something very exhilarating about walking IN a river – there are so many times you’re told to stay out of the water and to be in a spot where the only way is to go right in is just plain fun. There are spots where there is ground, so we weren’t in the river the whole time, and we stopped and took a break and a snack a bit before we got to the junction with the Orderville Canyon. Right at that junction is the section called Wall Street where the canyon walls are close. Jim went on to explore a bit more up river and I decided to wait. When he returned, he thought I’d turned into a mermaid, sitting on a rock waiting for him.

The walk is very tiring as you’re walking against current, and you have to choose your steps carefully most of the way. Totally worth it and also the reason the next day we took it easy!

Jim bought a waterproof bag to hold his cell phone, and had an app that let him use his Apple Watch to see the viewfinder and take a picture. That’s why there’s only one picture of Jim – when we stopped and asked someone to take a picture.

Author: Nadya Boone

Nadya makes cocktails, writes, and knows random useless things. She would say she named the Unibrain, except that by definition the Unibrain named itself.