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Jim shoots Open and Nadya shoots PCC.

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2019 Shooting in Review

The beginning of the year started off slowly with work and buying a new house taking over my time. We closed on the house in…

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Area 2 Day 3

I redeemed myself a little bit but I was a bit off. We had a great squad, the weather was fantastic, and it was a…

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Area 2 Day 2

Not my finest dumpster fire but darn close. Trigger freeze, malfunction, and just plain bad shooting.

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Area 2 Day 1

Area 2 Day 1, Stages 9 through 13. I shot today OK but a little timid.

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USPSA Dundee

A few stages from our local match. Stages are, mostly, from the Go Fast Don’t Suck postal match. A squib on an early stage cost…

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USPSA Albany

A few stages from the classifier match. When I look at the video I see several places where I’m not confident in my shots and…

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USPSA National Day 3

Day 3 Zone 1 Stages 1-7

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USPSA Nationals Day 2

Day 2 Zone 2 Stages 15-21

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USPSA Nationals Day 1

Day 1 Zone 2 Stages 8-14