Caterham Seven Archives

Ordered: April 15, 1997Delivered: July 15, 1997 First Drive: August 6, 1997 First Trackday: August 29, 1997 Sold: September 9, 2006I’ve been looking for a Lotus since the late 1980’s. Well I didn’t know I was looking for a Lotus. I saw a   Westfield at an autocross and knew I had to have one. After   some initial struggle with finding an address, I contacted both   of the current Westfield dealers in the US and got price and   options lists.Several years latter I picked up the information and started to reinvestigate the Westfield. This time I found out the Westfield was reproduction of a Lotus Seven. The Seven is still being manufactured by Caterham Cars in England. One of the US reps is Texas MotorWorks. A quick email to and an information packet was on my doorstep.