Lotus Elan Archives

I purchased my Elan because I wanted to restore a car.  Why did I pick a Lotus and why did I pick an Elan Coupe’?  I really don’t remember how I decided.  At some point I wanted an Elan and the Pre-Airflow Coupe’ was the only one I wanted.  I found the car via an internet search.  A few phone calls and a drive down to Berkely and I had a car.  Several years later I finally drove it.

Ownership HistoryChassis 36/5890 was delivered from the factory on August 8, 1966  to a Michel A. Marx.The car was transferred to Gil Denney (date unknown)On March 10, 2001 transferred to me, Jim Boone

Damage, Repair and Colors  I’m not exactly sure of the order of events. I do know which colors came when and the sequence of the damage, although I am not sure if the driver’s door was damaged a second time or if it was never repaired after the second accident. It seems likely it was repaired at the time the car was repainted the second time and damaged again after that. Original color was British Racing Green. Torque rods pulled through chassis. A new piece of metal was  welded in place to repair. Workmanship was OK. Differential ring gear was changed to 3.7:1. Original springs where changed to “Sprint” spec. At  least that is what the sticker on the spring said. Stock fan was removed and an electric fan was installed using wire nuts. Fire in the engine compartment which burned through the right inner fender damaging the outer fender. Flames also traveled through the air cleaner and scorched under the nose. Damage to nose, right front fender top and right rear fender.  Repainted a lighter shade of green with the sills painted black.  This may have been the result of the fire damage. Severe damage to left rear corner, left driver’s door and nose. Poorly repaired with a heavy cross textured fiberglass.  Repainted with a very dark green. Driver’s door damaged again. Repair to driver’s door was  thick fiberglass and 1/4″-1/2″ of body putty. Window glass replaced with Plexiglas. Wiring harness hacked and repaired with various bits of brown wire. A complete restoration was begun on May 5, 2001.

Restoration goals Stock Lotus ElanStreet driven  Upgrades for reliability  Finish the development work Lotus didn’t finish  Restoration was completed on April 7, 2004