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Zion – Kayenta trail

Our first day in the park we went on a nice walk on the Kayenta trail. We were there early and seemed to be the…

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Saint George to Zion

After shooting HiCap Nationals, Nadya and I went on a short vacation to Zion National Park. We took the long route from Saint George and…

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USPSA National Day 3

Day 3 Zone 1 Stages 1-7

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USPSA Nationals Day 2

Day 2 Zone 2 Stages 15-21

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USPSA Nationals Day 1

Day 1 Zone 2 Stages 8-14

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Hiking in Silver Falls

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2019 Oregon State USPSA Championship

Not the results I was hoping for but I’ve shown a definite improvement in my overall points. Now to get rid of those pesky penalties….

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Porsche Club Midweek Drive

Being retired means I can do things in the middle of the week. This week I went out for a drive with the Porsche Club.

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USPSA Albany

I didn’t get all the stages on video. Stage 1 turned out to be an overall stage win. Woot! Results #uspsa