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Sweet Caroline

Over the weekend was my 40th birthday. A few friends joined me for a night out to see Super Diamond, a Neil Diamond tribute band….

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15-2, 15-4, and a pair is 6

We hosted a cribbage party last night. Six people playing cribbage while one or two watch makes a surprising amount of noise. Maybe it was…

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Aydon Castle

The bridle path was a pretty walk under the cover of some trees and along an old stone wall. Up ahead another gate, walking through…

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Obsessive Wall Behaviors

While Jim is obsessing over the size of his daypack and how many gigs of digital storage he needs, I’m working on my own priorities:…

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Astoria, Day 1

First things first, we are off to Astoria this weekend with our friends Cat and John. Cat and John found out yesterday that their adoption…

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Broken Clutch – Update

The new clutch actuating┬árod arrived yesterday and took a grand total of 10 minutes to install. I’m keeping the old broken one in my spares…

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OED Party

Tonight we’re off to an OED party. What is an OED party you ask? One of our friends just bought the 20 volume Oxford English…

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Diff Leak

Installed the new pinion seal over the weekend. Removed the differential, replaced the seal and reinstalled the diff in an┬áhour. The poping in the carbs…

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Progress Report

Progress since the last update The first batch of chrome pieces came back from the chrome shop and all look great. I wish I had…